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Dmx Kingkong768
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04 Mei 2019
1 satuan
IDR 10.000.000


Lampu Panggung DMX Kingkong 768

Number of DMX512 channels can be controlled: 768

    Fixtures can control the maximum number: 32

    Each scanner maximum available control channels: 24

    The number of scenes that can be saved: 60

    The number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 12

    The total number of steps in a multi-step scenario: 120

    Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP sliding

    Graphics can be stored for each scene: 5

    Fader scenes and dimming: Support

    Press the button to execute the interlocking scenes: Support

    Graphics Generator: can generate dimming, XY, RGB graphics

    Number of graphics that can run simultaneously: 5

    Channel type setting: support for the call graph

    Now Black: Support

    Power: 12V power adapter

    Power: 18W


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